Here are some personal projects and some of my open source contributions. Not all contributions I made are listed here, only my main projects are.


I’m the sole developer and maintainer of the Appclacks Cloud platform, a monitoring SaaS.
Don’t hesitate to subscribe to it, it’s free !


Mirabelle is a stream processing engine inspired by Riemann, but with additionals capabilities.

Its powerful and extensible DSL allows you to define computations on a stream of data. Mirabelle offers natively a lot of functions (time windows, mathematical operations, transforming data, relabeling, etc.) which can be easily combined according to your needs.

Mirabelle can also route events to external systems (timeseries databases, logging systems, cloud monitoring services, etc.), fire alerts (e.g. to Pagerduty), write data into files and more.

It also implements a publish-subscribe system, which allows you to see in real time (through Websockets) events flowing into streams.

Mirabelle supports all the things you expect for a modern monitoring tool (API, hot reload, good performances, 100 % testable…​).

You can check the documentation website for more information.


Cabourotte is a modern monitoring tool written in Go which allows you to configure various kind of healthchecks of your infrastructure.
It also has tons of cool features like an API to dynamically configure healthchecks, one-off healthcheck support, provides a lot of metrics, exporters to push healthchecks results on other systems…​ It also has a deep Kubernetes integration (discovery of pods and services to monitor, Custom Resource Definition).

This is the tool you want for synthetic monitoring.

You can also check the documentation website for more information.


kvert is a simple tool to generate YAML (and optionally JSON) files. You can for example use it to generate Kubernetes YAML resources in an efficient way.


Meuse is a Rust private registry.

It fully implements the Rust alternative registries RFC and API and also exposes an API to manage users, crates, tokens and categories. Meuse can store the crates binary files in various backends (filesystem, S3…).

It can also be used as a mirror for

Check the website of the project for more informations ;)


Commentator is a commenting system where comments are stored on a S3 compatible store. Thanks to s3, it’s super easy to deploy, the application itself being completely stateless.

It includes features like rate limiting, challenges to avoid spammer, in-memory cache for comments, an API to manage and approve comments, a small event system…​

It’s what I use on this blog for comments.


I contributed to the Riemann project and its ecosystem.

Riemann is an amazing stream processing engine for monitoring. You push events to Riemann, and it calculates statistics on the fly (percentiles, rate, combine events from differents hosts…​), does alerting, forwards events and alerts to external systems (Graphite, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, Pagerduty…​), and a lot more !

I worked on Riemann itself, and its ecosystem (clients in differents languages (Go, Clojure, Java,..), integration with other monitoring tools, documentation and helping users…​).

I also wrote a couple of Riemann plugins:

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