Here are some personal projects/open source contributions:


I love Clojure. It’s a fun, fast, powerful language but not very well known.

  • Tour of Clojure (repo here) is a interactive Clojure tutorial, currently only available in French (PR welcome for adding more lang !).


Meuse is a Rust private registry. Check the website of the project for more informations ;)


I contributed to the Riemann project and its ecosystem.

Riemann is an amazing stream processing engine for monitoring. You push events to Riemann, and it calculates statistics on the fly (percentiles, rate, combine events from differents hosts…​), does alerting, forwards events and alerts to external systems (Graphite, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, Pagerduty…​), and a lot more !

I worked on Riemann itself, and its ecosystem (clients in differents languages (Go, Clojure, Java,..), integration with other monitoring tools, documentation and helping users…​).

I also wrote a couple of Riemann plugins:

My infrastructure

My websites are deployed in Exoscale virtual machines using Terraform and Ansible. Everything is open source:

Ansible roles and plugins

I used Ansible at my previous job almost everyday for years, and i decided to start sharing some Ansible roles and plugins:

  • I wrote goss-ansible, an Ansible module for goss at one of my previous job. It’s a cool module for test driven infrastructure.

  • I wrote an HAProxy role for Debian.

  • Some roles will arrive soon.

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