April 9, 2017

A tour of Riemann

In this blog posts serie, i will present Riemann, an amazing monitoring tool.

Do you know Riemann ? It’s an amazing tool, a stream processing engine to monitor your infrastucture. Flexible, powerful, it can detects complex problems on your infrastructure, calculate statistics and fire alerts. It integrates with many tools (InfluxDB, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Pagerduty…​) and is highly costumizable.

Riemann configuration is code (real code, it’s Clojure). You will quickly understand why Clojure is Riemann strength compared to a DSL.

I will not present Clojure, i advice you to get Clojure basics using these tutorials:

Here are some useful links to work with Riemann. I will mostly show use cases on my tutorials, it’s a complement of the Riemann howto and not a replacement. I will write unit tests for each use cases.

  • The official howto

  • The Riemann API, especially the streams and folds sections.

I will use collectd with the write_riemann plugin to gather system metrics.

Let’s go !

Code here.

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