December 8, 2019

Meuse 0.3.0 released !

I’ve just released the version 0.3.0 of Meuse, an alternative registry for the Rust programming language. What’s new in this release ?

Database migrations

Meuse will now automatically create its database, and apply migration scripts when it starts. No need to execute SQL scripts manually anymore !

A frontend

I’ve created a frontend for Meuse. The frontend is very limited (you can only browse crates and categories, there is no authentication etc…​) but I plan to improve it in the future. You can disable it in the configuration if you want.

Meuse frontend example

Download count

Meuse now counts the number of times that a a crate is downloaded, per version. The number is returned by the API when you retrieve informations about crates, and is also available in the frontend.

A new call to retrieve statistics

The URL api/v1/meuse/statistics now returns the number of crates, crates versions, users and the total number of downloads.

Refactoring and enhancement

I did some internal refactorings on the database layer and on error handling. I also added new metrics.


I will now write a CLI for the project (curl works well, but I want to have something better).

I would also like to improve the frontend, but I’m a very bad frontend developer (and I do not really like it). If you want to contribute, please ping me (by email or by creating issues on the Github repository). The frontend is generated by the server, so the work should be mostly HTML, CSS and javascript.

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